“Within every woman is the wisdom needed to change the world.”


As women in our awakening, we are remembering the huge gift we have been given at birth: our vessel as an abundant tool of transformation. In this initiation we are going on an alchemical journey through the elements, receiving their profound transmissions on how to arrive home more deeply in ourselves. Home in our magic. Home in our body. Home in our hearts. Home in our lineage. Home in our Soul Mission. Home in sisterhood.


Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi.” Our gold is not the common gold, goes an ancient Alchemist saying. From our perspective, alchemy is the transformation from what once hurt us into sacred medicine, the pearls of our soul, the consciousness of our messy obstacles, the liberation of our inner cages. Alchemy is a process, something that is connected to change and transformation. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of spiritual alchemy is its objective: to free yourself from your core wounds, core beliefs, soul loss, or self-destructive personality structures in order to follow your passion, live freely and create the life you know you are here to create.

Materia Prima (or first matter), is an alchemical symbol that reflects the notion that the universe originated from a primitive, formless base. Aristotle understood, that there is a force that holds together all other forms, but is itself invisible. Nowadays we might call this Spirit. This invisible womb or unseen force is a field of pure potential that can only come into existence when it is embodied within a “form.” This form is our body, the alchemical container for all this magic to occur. Sister, you have all, that it takes at any given moment in this sacred blessing of life.


We are the daughters of the witches, they could not burn. We are the wise healing women, remembering the ancient traditions. We are the priestesses, in service to only love and truth. We are the sacred warriors, awoken to a divine power, that is not being used against anybody but only for sacred purpose. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Remembering Alchemy, to set us free.


We invite you with our womb, our hearts full of magical mystery into remembering alchemy together.

***At this time, we are not accepting any visitors who have taken the experimental COVID vaccine



July 30th - August 3rd 2021

The Ceremonies

Domo Ayahuasca.jpg

Ayahuasca Ceremony

This is a healing and transformational journey into the deeper layers of the self. The circle is held around a fire and the journey is guided by sacred songs from different spiritual traditions, combined with moments of silence and meditation.

Cacao ceremony.jpg

Cacao Ceremony

This is our final celebration! Abundant Earth mama goddess fertility medicine cacao infused with the ancient prayer of primordial drums are making us move with a newfound expression of our soul! This dance invites our radiant vibration to shift us into a new timeline - beyond our wildest dreams.

The Workshops

Water- Purification Ritual .jpg

Day 1 - Water: Purification Ritual

Cleansing rituals are part of many ancient traditions. We are communing with sacred plant spirits from the sacred mountains to transition into a completely new chapter of our lives. We are offering ourselves to something greater, to the divine herself. For this first ritual, we invite you to bring a natural offering to honour the guardians of Amoraleza and to honour the depth of the Mystery School. This can be anything from a natural resin, herbs, stones, blood, breastmilk, fruits or anything else, that invokes or calls in a specific guide, energy or quality.

Air- Somatic Breath of Life.jpg

Day 2 – Air: Somatic Breath of Life

This is a deeply feminine breath work, body activation to land and open all your bodies for the upcoming journey together. The power of breath ceremonies can be a very transcendental experience, that moves us beyond the mind into the liberation of our spirit. The process of oxygenizing the body, helps stuck life force to be liberated and reveal whatever we no longer need to hold onto.

Fire- Temple of Kali.jpg

Day 3 – Fire: Temple of Kali

This is an inner temple journey to meet the dark feminine within us. The archetype of the dark feminine is our primal power, the unapologetic, unashamed raw self. We are spiralling down into suppressed emotions in our base – reclaiming our sacred rage, anger and re-birthing healing boundaries – our sacred no!

Earth- I am Gaia.jpg

Day 4 – Earth: I am Gaia

When we connect with the body, we connect with the earth. It is one and the same! I am Gaia is an embodied earth ritual to reclaim our sacred body temple. This will help us to let go of layers of harmful conditioning and bring a profound harmonization through self-love, self-worship and honour. This gives permission to the new you to unfold and your inner garden to blossom in the most beautiful, irresistible colours.

The Medicines



Cacao, also know as the food of the God(desses) has been used in ritual by the Mayans and Aztecs for thousands of years. It is a symbol of love and sensuality and is a gentle, heart-opening medicine. Drinking cacao in it’s pure form can enhance intuition and creativity as well as bring a more authentic and deeper connection to the self and others.



Also known as the Mother or the Grandmother, this sacred Amazonian medicine has been used for thousand of years for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and the expansion of consciousness. The Ayahuasca brew is made from two different plants, the Ayahuasca vine and the leaf of the Chacruna plant. It is an entheogen that allows us to access different realms and connects us with our higher selves, in order to release traumas and blockages and become more authentic and compassionate human beings.


Nutritious Food

Veronika is a raw food chef and Naturopath who specialises in raw and superfood nutrition and fasting and we give special attention to diet during the retreat. Healthy, high-vibration vegan food will be served to optimize your experience during this weekend. All meals will be gluten and sugar-free and organic and home-grown when available.

The Facilitators

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Veronika Poola

Naturopath, Ayahuasquera, raw food chef, raw chocolatier and community leader. She grew up in Montreal, Canada and moved to southern Spain in 2003, where she experienced a major life change and healed herself from a long-standing depression through fasting and a raw food diet. In 2005, she discovered Ayahuasca and shortly after created a medicine community and began leading ceremonies. She is passionate about inspiring others to take responsibility for their health, reconnect with nature and tap into their innate healing power. When not organising retreats and running a community project, she dedicates her time to her 4 children, who she is raising in the most natural way possible.


Sharin Kleeberg

Medicine woman, who created a fusion of the wisdom of ancient teachings with her studies of many different spiritual practices from all around the world. The healing principles she works with have their roots mainly in South American Shamanism and are alchemized with many different elements from the realms of Tantra, Movement Medicine, Regression and Trance Work. Her work is dedicated to activate, re-align and cleanse the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental & causal body. Within her ceremonies, workshops and private sessions, she invites the deepest, most primal wounds to rise out of the subconscious so true, liberated freedom of Self can be found.

Sarah Warnaar.jpg

Sarah Warnaar

Sarah is a guide, artist and transformational coach who supports women in embodying their most authentic and empowered self. After years of art-making, modelling and healing through a disturbed body-image, she knew it was her calling to share her story and the practises that had been medicine for her, with other women. Her work is rooted in feminine and masculine embodiment, polarity and shamanism. She works with Tantric and shamed feminine archetypes, trauma and inner child healing, soul-purpose work, sacred relationship and sexuality and co-creating with the divine.


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