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“As the feminine awakens,
the New Earth is born”

May 24th-27th · June 6th-10th

When cyclic beings gather in circle, there is a coming home; an activation of one another.


Deep healing occurs.

Profound shifts in consciousness awaken.

Friendships and tribe are formed.

Magic ignites.

Masks melt.

Hearts open.


Sister, you are here as an incarnation of the Goddess and she aches to be re-awakened and expressed in her full glory - finally - once again.

Will you step through the temple doors into this portal of awakening your fullness?

Will you return to your feminine magnetism and attract the life you yearn for, in your deepest of heart?

Dance around the fire, experience the magic of ceremony and open your voice?

Meet the True Blueprint of your soul and what you came here on earth to do?

Dare to feel it all and reveal all the diamonds you hold inside?

Connect back to Body, to Heart, to Soul, to Sisterhood, to Celebration of Life and the Light?

To be a Woman Of The New Earth?

The Women of the New Earth retreats are a soul-offering of Veronika Poola & Sarah Warnaar held twice a year. These are four and five day containers, where 22 women step into a portal of deep transformation, healing & remembrance. It is both for those new & advanced on the path who desire to return to the original blueprint of their soul & who are ready to practise at their edge.

What makes the retreats unique is that it touches on the psychological, somatic &

spiritual aspects of our being. Whilst the master plants guide us deeply into the subconscious multi-dimensional plane, the workshop temples facilitate integration embodiment.

Themes we explore during the temples are masculine & feminine energy, polarity,

archetypal, womb & purpose work, sacred sexuality, inner child healing, boundaries,

creative expression, relationship intimacy & opening and living as love, in every area of

our life. These are accompanied by tools such as breathwork, dance, writing, singing,

visual meditations, rituals, self-study, sharing & of course, the immense power of


WOTNE - 1.png


'Deep down we all want to feel whole. We want allowance to express it all, accepted and perfect in our raw truth, expensive depth, lush beauty. There are unfortunately limited places for that. The spaces Sarah & Vero create, and I get the honor to co-create at times, are those portals.

Invitations to all of you, the messy, your darkness, the too-muchness and loudness. Also the shy, gentle, fragile you is allowed here. Wide and deep, soft and sharp, foolish and wise, princess and queen. All, truly all of you. And how liberated we become together! How we flourish, play, dance with the stars and sing with the endless. How we rejoice in the vastness of the universe, the complexity of our tiny perfect bodies, perplexed by proud egos, impressed by brave souls. What a gift this path is.

I leave the Women of the New Earth Retreat immersion with more of me. More at home. As a safe, solid, powerful woman. Daring to face the dark. Inviting of the light. Because life is both. And I am here to live'

- Lisa, Sweden

'I have no words. Because there are no words. Beyond words, beyond the physical and mental there is just vibration and radiance, which is the true language I am speaking, the true food that nourishes me and the only currency that truly flows.

The words deepest gratefulness, connection, openness and love that I feel for the women and sisters of Amoraleza and their way of living.

I was blessed with deepest clarity and relief of being seen and understood for the very first time, true and deep connection to the feminine within and around me, the memory of my true nature and the experience of being nourished with pure life force.

With sacred medicine flowing through the veins - with shifted perspective - it'll help so much with letting go of what no longer serves me, to trust in this path that I am meant to go.

The deep connection to the Divine feminine and masculine within me will provide the strength and the playfulness that is needed for the transformation.'

- Ulrike, Germany

'How liberating it has been to gather with my sisters.

To play, to lough, to sing, to dance, to grow, to fell the joy and the pain, the beauty and the sadness. To be able to express all of it and to be seen and held. So much love, wisdom, gentleness. A few weeks have gone by and not a day goes by without me feeling deep gratitude for this space and for this circle of women.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.'

- Audren, France

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