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“As the feminine awakens, the New Earth is born”


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As Gaia is moving through a profound shift in consciousness, so are we. As the veils of illusion drop, so are we remembering our true nature. As the world transcends the conditioning of separation and polarity, so are we coming back to unity and oneness. As the Great Goddess is rising, so are we.

The New Earth is not a place, but a shift in awareness. It’s where our deepest wounds are alchemized into medicine and pure gold. It's where the feminine has risen up to her rightful throne, in balance with the masculine, where Christ consciousness is dancing in Sacred Union with Sophia consciousness once again. It's where we've shed the need for affirmation of the outside eye and are tethered to our direct channel to Source. It's where we’ve come back to our sensual wisdom, our healing powers and naturally abundant state.

Can you feel it? Can you sense the shift?
Now you’ve seen the darkness in the world, what is the frequency of light you are stepping into?
What are the priestess codes you are remembering and sharing as your unique gift with the world?

The New Earth is calling upon your power. It calls embodied women, connected to their sacred longings, open-hearted emotions and wisdom of their body. It calls upon women tapped into the mystical and womb-centred living, loving and creating.

It calls sovereign women, who’ve remembered their inherent divine power, willing to take radical responsibility for their ancestral stories. Ones who dare to share their free expression as the healing balm for our societal head-centred living and numbness.


For five days, we’ll go on a journey through five Rose Temples.

The Rose consciousness has been on this earth for millions of years. She holds the highest frequency of any flower and has been recognized as the western equivalent of the Eastern lotus as a symbol of the unfolding of the higher consciousness and soul. She serves as a guide in the rising of the feminine spirit and the remembrance of the Mysteries of the Holy Grail. Some say she actually originates from Venus, Gaia’s celestial twin-sister.

Birthed from the Great Mother Sophia and embodied through Venus and Sirius, Priestesses of the Rose have been coming together for deep devotion to the Goddess and Sexual Rites through lineages as the Atlantian and Avalonian priestesses, the Egyptian Isis temples and The Magdalene Flame, all the way to present day priestesshood.

These Rose Codes and Sophianic Mysteries have been ignited throughout multiple timelines and dimensions and are welcoming you to find your back to them as we collectively awaken to a New Timeline of Light, Sovereignty, Peace and Love. The Rose lineage is a path of mystic uncovering of sacred seeds that’ve been planted right here on earth, in the shape of the Rose.

When cyclic beings gather in circle, there is a remembrance, a coming home; an activation, a mirroring of one another. Deep healing occurs. Profound shifts in consciousness awaken. Friendships and tribe are formed. Masks melt. Hearts open.

Sister, you were born with a sacred mission. Are you ready to awaken your serpentine energy, in devotion to all creation? Are you feeling the call to step into the future as a Woman of the New Earth? To connect back to Body, to Heart, to Soul, to Sisterhood, to Celebration of Life and Light?

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September 1st-5th

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Sisterhood Healing & Rose and Grail Resurrection
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Shadow, Ancestral & Karmic Work
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Polarity Work & Sacred Feminine Expression
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Mary magdalene

Womb Rites & Sensual Pleasure
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Unique Gifts & Sacred Mission
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Ayahuasca Ceremonies


​​Also known as the Mother or the Grandmother, this sacred Amazonian medicine has been used for thousand of years for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and the expansion of consciousness. The Ayahuasca brew is made from two different plants, the Ayahuasca vine and the leaf of the Chacruna plant. It is an entheogen that allows us to access different realms and connects us with our higher selves, in order to release traumas and blockages and become more authentic and compassionate human beings.

We will hold 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, held around a fire, guided by sacred songs from different spiritual traditions, combined with moments of silence and meditation.


Nutritious Food

Veronika is a raw food chef and Naturopath who specialises in raw and superfood nutrition and fasting and we give special attention to diet during the retreat. Healthy, high-vibration vegan food will be served to optimize your experience during this weekend. All meals will be gluten and sugar-free and organic and home-grown when available.

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Veronika Poola

Medicine Woman, Naturopath, community leader, raw food chef and chocolatier. In her late twenties, she had an awakening and experienced a major life change, healing herself from a long-standing depression through fasting and a raw food diet. Since 2005, she has been leading Ayahuasca ceremonies in Amoraleza, the medicine community she created with her family. She is passionate about inspiring others to take responsibility for their health, reconnect with

nature and tap into their innate healing power. When

not organising retreats and running a community, she dedicates her time to her 4 children, who she is

raising in the most natural way possible.


Sarah Warnaar

Sarah Warnaar is a guide, artist and spaceholder who supports women in embodying their most sovereign self. As a priestess of the Rose, she serves as a bridge from the beginning of the journey of awakening - trauma, masculine/feminine, codependency and Tantric work - to those closer to walking their own priestess path - archetypal, shamanic, polarity and purpose work. Through her eighteen years of worldly travels as a model, she’s experienced the pain of living disembodied and the superficial ways our society perceives beauty. Daring to to feel it all and making art out of your aches is at the core of her work. When she isn’t holding circles or painting, Sarah lives with her man and her cat Minerva in between Amsterdam and Cape Town

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