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These times call for deep transformation, where every single person is asked to do their own healing work in order to raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet


Plants that expand our consciousness are here to support

us by accelerating the healing process


We are dedicated to playing our part in the healing of humanity to bring a new age of peace, love, harmony and unity





      An inner journey of healing and connection with your heart and soul. This is a deep dive into the layers of the self for those who are feeling the call to walk the path of transformation and self-realization. The medicines of the forest can help release blockages and heal traumas by stimulating your innate healing energy. The expansion of consciousness allows for a reconnection to your higher self in order to unleash your full potential.



     Our Brazilian style ceremonies are eclectic and guided by sacred songs from different shamanic traditions, celebrating life, love and the healing power of nature. All music is live.

      We have been holding shamanic ceremonies in our community since 2005. The ceremonies are guided by and an experienced team facilitators, musicians and helpers. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive space for each participant to receive the healing they need.


Rapé (tobacco snuff) and sananga (healing eye drops) are also offered during the ceremonies, to deepen the experience. Kambo may be available at the end of the retreats.

      We offer 3 day retreats in Spain from April to September. You are welcome to stay with us in between for a smoother integration process and to benefit from other complementary therapies.  For those who would like a deeper experience, we offer back-to-back weekends.


      We are also 5 day Women’s Retreats with the Mystery School of the Sacred Feminine.


        During the colder months we offer 1 night ceremonies and personalized retreats for couples or small groups.




Each journey is unique, as the context, emotional and psychological state, expectations, current life processes, diet and the plants themselves influence each experience. We have extensive experience guiding ceremonies, drawing on our experience with different shamanic practices. We hold non-traditional ceremonies, not connected to a single medicine path, preferring to embrace the many different spiritual paths we have come across. We provide a safe and nurturing space for each participant to work on her/himself. It can be helpful to come with an intention, which can give direction to your experience. We begin each ceremony with a sharing circle and finish the retreat with a final integration circle on Sunday morning before lunch. The retreat begins on Friday at 7pm and finishes at 3pm on Sunday, though you are welcome to stay extra days for a better preparation or smoother integration.





Before arriving, we recommend you follow a special diet in preparation for the ceremonies, for a minimum of three days, though a longer period of dietary preparation is more beneficial. We give special attention to diet and healthy, high vibration vegan food will be served to optimize your experience during this weekend. All food will be gluten-free and organic and home-grown when available. We also offer consultations and personalised nutrition and detox retreats, which can be helpful to cleanse in preparation for an Ayahuasca retreat or to help integrate positive changes post-retreat. If you would like more information, please contact us.


Once you have reserved your spot, we will send more detailed information about diet, what to bring and how to get here.

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August 19-21
September 16-18


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Having just completed a weekend retreat at Amoraleza I would highly recommend anyone wanting and genuine, healing and safe experience with Ayahuasca so visit Veronika and Lorenzo and the community at Amoraleza.


I had both a profound and healing experience and felt throughout in safe and capable hands. The location itself was just awe-inspiring, as to walk outside the ceremony  space to see the Milky Way splashed across the night sky just added to the overall inspiration and restorative nature of the location.

The truth is it isn’t easy to find the right fit when it comes to Ayahuasca and for me the set and setting plays big role in the overall depth and profundity of the experience.

At Amoraleza I felt I found a community and environment that I would be keen and happy to come back to and for that I’m truly grateful. Thank you guys for the amazing and healing experience and I look forward to seeing you all again.



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