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Community project dedicated to holistic health,
conscious nutrition and shamanism

We work to inspire people to a more natural,
ecological and conscious way of living



Nutrition Reset Retreats

Good nutrition is one of the most important things for optimal health. We provide our community members and visitors with a high-vibration vegan diet, consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and superfoods. We offer personalized nutrition and detox retreats as well as private consultations. 


Ayahuasca Retreats

Sacred plants have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people for healing, personal transformation and reconnecting with the higher self. We have been working with sacred plants since 2005 and hold regular ceremonies and retreats.


Mystery School of the Sacred Feminine

A sacred alchemy, combining ancient studies of the Divine Feminine and tantric principles with shamanic medicine work.

Our goal is to create an oasis and live as naturally and sustainably as possible, maintaining a good standard of living through basic comforts, with a minimal impact on the Earth

Visit Amoraleza

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Stay With Us

You are welcome to spend some time in our community and discover a different way of life, close to Nature.

We offer different types of accommodation to come and relax and enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Amoraleza.

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Support Us

If you want to help the association, you can support us by taking a look at the different projects in progress within the community and thus participate, in your own way, in the evolution of Amoraleza, in its mission and in spreading information about our lifestyle and values.