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Our Nutritional Philosophy


At Amoraleza, we take a holistic approach to health and one of the most important things for optimal health is good nutrition.


Nutrition is not taught in schools and through urban living most people have become completely disconnected from nature and the food supply. One of our aims is to reconnect people with a more natural diet through whole foods and simple eating habits. We provide our community members and visitors with a high-vibration vegan diet, consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. 


The diet is 80% raw and the cooked portion of the diet consists of steamed or boiled vegetables, non-gluten grains and pulses. We never fry, bake, roast or process food to keep the nutritional content of the food as intact as possible. We are gluten, sugar and caffeine free and our aim is to eat as organically, locally and seasonally as possible.


We offer a space for people to free themselves of unhealthy eating patterns and addictions and through our simple, yet delicious recipes try to inspire people to eat a healthier diet. We like to include superfoods in our recipes to add extra nutrients to the diet and have them available for sale in our shop.

In order to delve further into the topic of nutrition, we suggest you:

  • Visit us to experiment with healthy and conscious eating.

  • Attend one of our personalized retreats, as described below

  • Book a consultation

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Personalized Retreats

Personalized Juice Detox

Give your body a break with a personalized juice fast.  This includes 3 fresh home-made juices per day with the option of supplementing with wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella and/ or psyllium husk for extra cleansing and energy.  There is an optional broth in the evening time.  On the final morning, the fast will be broken with seasonal fruit and guidelines given for gently reintroducing other foods into the diet to maximize the benefits of the cleanse. Colon cleasing using self-administered enemas is optional. For those wishing to further their knowledge about the cleansing process and the transition to a healthier diet, there is the option of a one hour question and answer session each day. Dates and length of stay are flexible. Please contact us for availability.


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