About Amoraleza

"The next Buddha probably won't take the form of an individual, but rather one of a community that practices understanding and good will".

Thich Nhat Hanh

Amoraleza is a family-run community project, started in 2007, dedicated to holistic health, conscious nutrition and shamanism. We run sacred plant and nutrition retreats and work to inspire people to a more natural, ecological and conscious way of living.

Our vision

A sacred space where each person can experience an expansion of their heart and consciousness, within a community, whose goal is to live in symbiosis with Nature.

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Sacred Plants

Spirituality is central to life at Amoraleza. In our spiritual practice we use sacred plants, such as Ayahuasca, to help reconnect with our true selves, each other and the Earth.

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The project is to participate actively in the expansion of love and consciousness, through the power of creation, music and joy.

The founders

Veronika, Lorenzo, Rio, Liana, Zen, Annaya

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