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The Mission of our Volunteer Program is to provide a mutually beneficial space for personal development, learning and spiritual evolution. It is a chance to connect more deeply with Nature, learn about permaculture, nutrition and neo-shamanism and experience a community dynamic. We offer an opportunity for others to become involved in our project and get hands on experience in low-impact, natural living.


As we are working towards creating a more sustainable, long-term community, we rely on volunteers to help keep the project moving forward and are grateful for the passion, devotion, skills and experience each volunteer brings with him/her.


We are looking for dynamic, motivated people who share our passion for health, ecology and spirituality and would like to help with the creation of a sustainable model of living, as close as possible to Nature. Skills are an asset, but depending on the projects we are working on, not necessary.

Amoraleza is a strictly vegetarian (no meat or fish) community, free from alcohol and drugs. Due to the nature of the work we do, we only welcome volunteers who have a high level of commitment to a healthy and conscious lifestyle and who are happy to follow the community's dietary guidelines.


  • Have a positive attitude & share in community processes

  • Can work as a team and follow the community rhythm

  • Respect the community rules

  • Are prompt and reliable

  • Are clean and tidy and have good personal hygiene

  • Fulfil the required number of volunteer hours / week

  • Care for communal spaces (kitchen, toilets, showers, internet bus, pool, dome, etc.)

  • Respect the property of the community and pay for any damages

  • Keep personal space clean & tidy

  • Put all tools and materials back to where they belong each day

  • Before leaving, clean personal space

  • A unique community learning experience

  • Disconnect from fast-paced city life

  • Reconnect with Nature

  • Learn about health and nutrition

  • Discover and reap the benefits of eating a simple, mostly organic, high-vibration, high-raw diet

  • Live in an environment that supports the releasing of negative patterns and addictions

  • Learn about shamanism and power plants




Minimum length of stay: 2 weeks

Maximum length of stay: 6 weeks

Work hours/week: 16-25 hours (depending on the season)

Days off: 2 days/week

Meals: during our off season, volunteers need to self-cater, during our working season meals are included

Accommodation: Camping or basic accommodation in bell tent if available


We do not offer volunteer exchange for participation in our retreats.



The daily rhythm depends on the season, projects and events we are hosting. As we follow the rhythm of the sun and the seasons, our daily rhythm changes throughout the year and can vary due to certain project or event needs.  The number of help hours and starting and ending times will vary depending on the projects we are working on.

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