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Get Involved

If you would like to help the association, you can support us by taking a look at the different projects in progress and contribute in whatever way you can to the development of Amoraleza and spreading the message of our vision, values and lifestyle.

Asociación Amoraleza

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Financial Aid

You can also support us financially by making a donation via Paypal, thereby helping the community carry out its various projects. Donating, whatever the amount, is a way of supporting us, helping a new vision of life to grow and become a reality!

We would be delighted to welcome you to our community, so that you can see the fruits of your contribution and enjoy the ambiance of Amoraleza. We will also keep you regularly informed of the progress of projects via our newsletter, as well as all upcoming events in the community.

Become a Member

Become a member of the association, support our values and participate in our work by playing an active role creating our vision and spreading our message!

Members of the association benefit from discounts on each of our events, on accommodation, and on the shop.
The minimum membership fee is 20€ per year. You can also participate more actively in the development of our lifestyle and our values by choosing one of the other membership options. For more information and to register: click here.


To register, just send us this form by email or by mail to the following address:

If you would like to participate actively in community projects, learn more about our experiences and share our values, based mainly on Nature, Health, Nutrition and Spirituality, you can join us as a visitor, volunteer or intern. During your stay, as well as taking advantage of the natural setting of Amoraleza and reconnecting with nature to recharge your batteries, you will be able to contribute actively to the progress of the association’s projects. If you are interested, please contact us to organise your stay.


Our Projects


In recent months, thanks to the support of volunteers in the community, we have been able to make progress on many projects in order to improve the facilities for visitors.


The floor or the dome has been improved using a very ancient and 100% natural technique, using a mixture of earth and straw.


We would like to use this same technique to finish the floor of the communal kitchen and to build a sweat lodge and earth buildings.

Below are the main projects we are working on at the moment


We decided to build a new yurt in order to increase our capacity to accommodate visitors.

The wooden platform is finished, all that is left to do is to erect the yurt and sew the canvas!


We would like to finish the floor, the walls and the terrace of the community kitchen with a soil / straw mixture, in order to be able to use it throughout the year.


Given the scarcity of water in the region, we would like to manage this problem by building a new alberca (water reservoir). This project would allow us to considerably improve the different permaculture areas.

Sweat Lodge

This long-standing project is especially important to us. It is part of the vision and and central to the fulfillment of community projects. This sweat lodge or "spiritual sauna", which we would like to build using a soil / straw mixture, would complement the different detoxification techniques we are already using.

Outdoor sewing workshop
Dome floor earth/straw mix 120 m2
Fairy Yurt Structure
Straw bale wall, lime render
Straw bale wall, earth render
Making bio-char
Mosaic with hydraulic lime
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