Amoraleza is a strictly vegetarian (no meat or fish) community, free from alcohol and drugs. Before coming to join us, please read and agree to the community rules.

Our long-term volunteers positions are for those who would like to become more deeply involved in community life, project management or are considering joining the community on a more permanent basis. It is an opportunity to experience the development on an intentional community and share skills and talents to help create a new way of living.


Our philosophy is one of service and we invite you to leave behind all systems and paradigms that you are used to and to discover something new during you stay with us. At Amoraleza, life and work are inseparable and you can expect to get out of the community what you put in. Community life is not always easy, as there are many projects going on at once and often involve physical labour in all weather conditions. Work at Amoraleza is an invitation to examine the possibility of finding a source of deep satisfaction in what you are doing, to nourish the sense of purpose in your life.


Each year, we welcome many visitors and volunteers who join us to experience community living. We invite you to contribute your valuable time and energy to allow us to carry on developing this unique place, in order to create something new and serve the world around us.


By playing a role in our community, you can expect to learn a lot about yourselves and how to live in harmony with the world around you, with the support of a community that tries to balance work, free time and celebration.


We welcome people from all walks of life and give great value to diversity. We invite you to consider “not what you can the community do for you, but what can you do for your community.” Your skills, experience, culture and values are likely to be opportunities for growth and learning within the community and we ask that you come ready to share them with us.

​   Minimum stay: 3 months

   Work hours/week: 25 hours

   Days off : 2 days/week

   Meals : included

Accommodation: caravan, bell tent or yurt (depending on availability). If we have a high demand for accommodation from guests during retreats/events we organise, interns may be asked to vacate their accommodation in exchange for a tent during the time of the retreat (3-4 days).

 What is expected of long-term volunteers:

  • Have a positive attitude & share in community processes

  • Work as a team and follow the community rhythm

  • Respect the community rules

  • Be prompt and reliable

  • Be self-responsible and able to work independently

  • Fulfill the required number of volunteer hours / week (25 hours)

  • Care for communal spaces (kitchen, toilets, showers, internet bus, alberca, dome, etc.)

  • Keep personal space clean & tidy

  • Before leaving, clean personal space

  • Put all tools back to where they belong each day

  • Take responsibility for one aspect of community life/project management


   Benefits of volunteering:

  • Become intimately involved in a community learning experience

  • Disconnect from fast-paced city life

  • Reconnect with Nature.

  • Learn about health and nutrition

  • Discover and reap the benefits of eating a simple, mostly organic, high-vibration, high-raw diet.

  • Live in an environment that supports the releasing of negative patterns and addictions.

  • Learn about shamanism and power plants


   Current volunteer positions:

  • Eco-builder

  • Carpenter







  General Information:

  • The type and schedule of the work is defined by the organisers and though we try to accommodate everyone's needs, it is not always possible to take into account individual preferences.

  • Volunteers are welcome to use most facilities, with the exception of the stone house, rental accommodation and personal spaces of other community members.

  • Volunteers are asked not to remove anything from rental accommodation spaces, big yurt or communal spaces for personal use, without checking with Veronika.

  • When we have large group of people on the land, we take responsibility for preparing all meals. If we are only a small group of people, volunteers may be responsible for preparing their own breakfast and dinner and all meals on days off with the ingredients provided, as well as leaving the kitchen clean.

  • We cannot accommodate special diets, so anyone wishing to follow a special diet (as long as it complies with the community rules) is responsible for providing all their own food at their own expense.

  • We have a sharing circle and organisation meeting each morning at 9:15 am.

  • Volunteers who would like to undertake a period of cleansing or fasting that may hinder their ability to fulfill the agreed work contribution are asked to pay an extra contribution during the days they unavailable. This must be agreed upon with organisers to ensure it does disturb the general organisation.

  • We encourage all people staying with us to limit their Internet and mobile phone time and ask that electronic devices are not used in communal areas or during social gatherings.

​  Daily Rhythm:

  The daily rhythm depends on the season, projects and events we are holding. As we follow the rhythm of the sun and the seasons, our daily rhythm changes throughout the year and can vary due to certain project or event needs. Long-term volunteers follow a slightly different and more flexible daily schedule than other volunteers. The number of work hours and starting and ending times will vary depending on the projects we are working on. We work as a team, so although we generally ask for 25 hours per week, with 2 days off, sometimes during retreats we may need to pull together and work a little more. We coordinate our activities on a daily basis, either the night before or in the morning around 9:15am.

  Depending on who is here, a community member may focalise an early morning meditation or yoga session for those who are interested in participating. Breakfast is served around 8:30 and we begin work at 10 am. During the cooler months we work until 2pm and then stop for lunch and during the summer we work a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening, once it begins to cool down. This leaves plenty of time for the pursuit of personal projects and relaxation.

​  Volunteer Review:

   Each month we have a volunteer review to assure that the relationship continues to be mutually beneficial. Volunteers may be asked to leave if they do not fullfill their agreements, share the community values, follow rules or otherwise hinder the cohesiveness of the group.


   Our season is from March until mid-October. We prefer that volunteers stay the entire time.

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