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Temple of the Feminine Radiance

Rose Bush



August 31st - September 3rd 2023


Join us on a 4 day journey into self-nourishment, intimacy, feminine embodiment, ritual, polarity work and transformation, blossom into your radiating essence and magnetise the life your heart so deeply yearns for. This includes one night with the mother plant medicine.

The Temple of Feminine Radiance

There is something magical that happens when women fall back into their receptive essence; they become so magnetic, life, their men and work begins to pulse towards them. This falling back is anything but a collapse. It’s an empowered surrender that can only occur when she has integrated her inner masculine and feminine – her inner King and Queen – within.

WOTNE - 13.png

She has learned to let go of the armour of survival, control and defence and is strengthened by the inner sword of safety, encouragement, discernment and protection. She’s learned to no longer withhold her voice and emotions and has remembered to open her heart and reveal it artfully as truth into the world.

A woman who’s fallen back into her essence has returned to inner wholeness of self-love, self-worth and self-belief and creates from that space. She’s no longer looking to extract in neediness from love; she devotes herself to living as devotional love. Being love. Radiating love. Vibrating as the current of love.

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A woman who moves from peace and gratitude, yet clearly into the direction of her desires. She dares to long, all the way, because she knows it’s her yearning heart and womb guiding her into the direction of her soul. She attracts the life she wants by becoming what she desires, by becoming the living prayer. She knows by getting excruciatingly intimate with herself, she can be with others. She gives herself what she’s missing in the world and offers it as medicine to others. She dares to take risks because she knows how to stay with, hold emotions and turn them into gold. She is a well-nourished woman. A turned on woman. An awakened woman. A tender woman. An abundant woman. An authentic woman. A raw woman. Who’s sharing her gifts not from her mind-ratio but from her direct channel to the divine. Who’s stepped into her unique magic and has transmutes staying small to please, harmonize, numb into feminine fire. She has sunken back into her essence. Widely expressed as the sensual pulse of aliveness and radiance herself.



Day 1 -


17:00 Opening Ritual/workshop: Activating the inner King


Inner union,

masculine reconciliation,

meeting the inner King & Queen

Day 2 -


8.30 Morning practise with Veronika


11.30 From fragile to empowered sensitive, from Nice girl to


Womb work, boundary work, inner child work, archetypal expression, anchoring in sovereignty


19.30 Ceremony


Day 3 -

12:00 From extractive to exposing, from grasping to revealing

The art of revealing the heart, feminine oracular resposiveness and expression, moving from wholeness, polarity work

20:30 Blue Lotus Ceremony: Temple of Tantra

Erotic aliveness, wealth embodiment, the feminine essence of receptivity & pleasure, taboo

Day 4 -


8:30 Integration Circle


11:30 Closing Ritual; Priestess Coronation

Archetypal dance,

sound bowl voice activation,

your unique greatness &




Nutritious Food


Nutirition is a central part of the Amoraleza experience. Veronika is a raw food chef and Naturopath who specialises in raw & superfood nutrition and fasting. We give special attention to diet during the retreat. Healthy, high-vibration vegan food will be served to optimize your experience during this weekend. All meals will be gluten and sugar-free and organic and locally grown when available.



"I feel an enormous amount of gratitude for Amoraleza!!! the land, the set up, the care and love that you feel as soon as you enter this sacred space. Veronika and the team makes you feel loved and nurtured. The attention to little things that makes you feel so supported and at ease the whole time. As if you knew them before! Ceremonies were the most significant and revealing experience in my life!I feel so humbled by the amount of healing I received. My heart expanded, my whole being radiates with light and love -the only truth! If you feel the call to grow into higher consciousness, expand your awareness, become One with nature and heal the past, helping yourself you help others ! don't hesitate any longer! Now is the time!! So much love your way." -  Krystyna, Poland

‘It was THE most beautiful transformation I have ever experienced in my life. It was tough, yet the greatest gift I could have received. Every workshop, every word, every moment, every song and dance built up on the other perfectly. My soul felt so welcomed, so at home and understood, receiving that missing puzzle piece I was looking for my whole life. I feel so complete within myself. Also the after-effects are very healing. I will forever be thankful that our paths have crossed and that I’m part of the tribe! Thank you for holding space, thank you for your guidance and for the love and
wisdom you bring into this world!! I am already super excited for the next June retreat." - Lena, Germany

"I get it now. I get why the work I’ve gotten to do this week speaks to so many. We’re hungry. We’re yearning from the depths of our hearts for more. Being more, being wild, being raw and unapologetically all of us. We long so deeply to expand the width and depth of what we can be and offer. What often is expected of us in life, is just a sliver of our
potential. Shoved into a corner with words like be nice, don’t be so selfish, get in line, make room for others, dim your light, we are starved of the true spark of life. Our power is intimidating, because when it’s let loose, is starts fires, opens rivers and shakes structures. It creates true change. It’s an honour to get to shed, let go, change, grow
and evolve into more of myself with you. Let’s do this." - Lisa, Sweden

The Facilitators

Veronika Profile Drum EDITED.JPG

Veronika Poola

Medicine Woman, Naturopath, community leader, raw food chef and chocolatier. In her late twenties, she had an awakening and experienced a major life change, healing herself from a long-standing depression through fasting and a raw food diet. She has been holding ceremonies since 2005. She is passionate about inspiring others to take responsibility for their health, reconnect with nature and tap into their innate healing power. When not organising retreats and running a community, she dedicates her time to her 4 children, who she is raising in the most natural way possible.


Sarah Warnaar

Sarah Warnaar is a guide, artist and spaceholder who supports women in embodying their most sovereign self. As a priestess of the Rose, she serves as a bridge from the beginning of the journey of awakening - trauma, masculine/feminine, codependency and Tantric work - to those closer to walking their own priestess path - archetypal, shamanic, polarity and purpose work. Through her eighteen years of worldly travels as a model, she’s experienced the pain of living disembodied and the superficial ways our society perceives beauty. Daring to to feel it all and making art out of your aches is at the core of her work. When she isn’t holding circles or painting, Sarah lives with her man and her cat Minerva in between Amsterdam and Cape Town

Camping                            622€

Shared accommodation   697€

Private accommodation   772€

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