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Community and projects

During the past 13 years, we have been experimenting with many different forms of community. We are a family with 4 children aged 3 to 11 years and over the years have shared with many friends, visitors, volunteers, and both short and long-term members. There are currently 4 other community members and we are open to welcome other long-term and permanent members with a similar vision based on nature, health, nutrition, spirituality, community and education and dedicated to the work with sacred plants. We would especially like to share with other families. During our working season from March to November, our average community group size is 15-20 and we offer an opportunity to experiment with community dynamics through the creation of temporary community.

The History of Amoraleza


Veronika and Lorenzo met at the Ecoforest Raw Vegan Community near Malaga, in 2003. After having lived there, in their yurt for more than a year, they felt the need for a change, and were drawn to the Alpujarras mountains, in the province of Granada, driven by their dream of finding a piece of land to create a retreat center with accommodation in yurts. As their search was unsuccessful, they decided to move to Beneficio, a "Rainbow" community near Orgiva, where they lived for 2 ½ years.

These two community experiences could only be temporary, for the first community could be summarized by: "too many rules and too many restrictions", while the other strangely enough by the exact opposite: "not enough rules and not enough restrictions"! Despite the fact that they are no longer part of these two communities, they feel a deep sense of gratitude and respect, both for their originality, value and merit, as well as for the many enriching encounters and experiences they had there.In this search for a community to settle down in, 2005 was a decisive year, for it was during this year in they discovered Ayahuasca, through the Santo Daime during a trip to England (to sell yurts). After this amazing discovery, through a series of synchronicities, they found their new home, in a community which later became Amoraleza.

​As the founding members of this new community and after the two previous community experiences, their challenge was to find the right balance, as symbolised by the yin yang, between "not enough and too many rules or restrictions." . Indeed, any type of organism can not develop without the presence of a membrane (boundaries), not only that protects it and separates it from "chaos" or quantum soup, but which, also allows for the creation of an interior space conducive to the development of life and of its different manifestations. As such, and especially for a community, consciousness also constitutes its membranes, hence the importance of limits and a minimum of rules. With this definition, we want to be able to create an appropriate space for the residents and visitors to feel and develop the famous pearl that each one carries within him/herself.


During their 13 years on the land, learning how to create, organise and run a community has been an important process. Veronika and Lorenzo have shared with many people, each one bringing valuable gifts and teachings. Some community members have stayed for several months, others, several years. At the moment there are no permanent members, but there is a constant flow of people coming and going; some as visitors or volunteers, and others who come back to support the project year after year. Although Amoraleza is still not an established community, it gives the people who come here an experience of temporary community and a feeling of what it is like to live in harmony with others, including all the gifts and the challenges.

Land details and welcoming people

The area of the land, bordering the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, south of Granada

and 45 minutes from the sea is more than 4 hectares, with a spring. Eventually, this

acreage should allow for the construction of another more permanent building. We

are completely off-grid and our energy source is solar. We can currently accommodate

3 additional family units (or couple or single person), living here full-time as the core

group of members, with other visitors, volunteers, interns and friends joining on a

temporary basis, mainly from March to December. In terms of housing, it is possible to

bring or build one’s own low-impact dwelling, such as a yurt or dome, or to rent one

of the existing structures on a short-term basis.

We are vegetarians, non-smokers and do not use marijuana, drugs or alcohol.

Our objectives

Our objective is to create a functional model for an alternative lifestyle to meet our fundamental needs, while following our dreams and without comprimising our integrity. We hope that this model can help and inspire others who are looking to step out of the “system,” live more in harmony with nature and follow what their hearts truly desire. We aim to provide a space to give and to receive all that is good, joyful and prosperous: a home, as well as a place for creative expression, information and skill sharing and a genuine connection with others. One of our main mission's is to share our work with sacred plants, in a safe space, with others.


We value both material and spiritual efficiency. By this we mean that there are tangible results, whether in terms of the opening of the heart and development of consciousness or on a more practical, material level, such as order, precision and financial management. We aim to bring awareness to our daily routine and social interactions and to take both pride and pleasure in our tasks, whether we are planting a tree, preparing food or washing the dishes.

Our assets

Our tangible assets are the land and the existing infrastructure, which you can discover either by browsing the website or first-hand, by visiting us. We have cabins and yurts for accommodation, an outdoor communal kitchen and a large geodesic dome. We also have many tools for construction and gardening, as well as two vehicles at our disposal during most of the year. We are working on generating abundance for the community, by providing accommodation and meals to visitors and offering different types of activities and retreats.

We are off-grid and derive our energy from a solar system and have a good internet connection, though no wi-fi. We receive water from the Rio Lanjaron, which comes down to us through a complicated system of acequias (water channels), reservoirs and pipes.

In terms of intangible assets, the feeling of creating positive change in the world, capable of helping and inspiring others, gives us the energy, courage and will to move forward. Over the years, we have acquired a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge about living a low-impact lifestyle, especially about eco-building, nutrition, local plants and wild foods.

Our most important spiritual assests are faith in life, the belief in a Higher Power, that “everything is one” and that we always get what we need for the greatest good. We also call on the spirits of sacred power plants, such as Ayahuasca for guidance, knowledge, connection and the expansion of our consciousness.

Financial aspect

For the time being, our financial situation does not make it possible to meet the needs of new members. It is therefore necessary that in this current phase, those interested in joining the project are financially self-sufficient. Eventually, we hope that the activities organised by the Association can not only cover the costs of all residents, but also generate wages. Any help, ideas, solutions or proposals to help us move in this direction are obviously and warmly welcome. At the present time, the activities we organise are: retreats, superfood sales, nutrition courses and consultations, events, festivals, web design and yurt construction.

​ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)


We value direct and genuine relationships between people and prefer to spend time connecting with each other rather than becoming too absorbed in virtual relationships via computers and mobile phones. While we understand that these technologies are necessary for work, study and research, we invite people living on the land to make moderate and limited use of them in order to live as much as possible in the present moment.

​The spiritual family of Amoraleza

As Leo expresses in the filmed interview he made, before leaving on his shamanic journey to South America, the expansion of the heart and the consciousness of which we speak comes not only from a direct experience, but also through the profound and unequivocal feeling of being an integral part of the spiritual family of Amoraleza.