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Before beginning this presentation, we invite you to laugh a little bit with this contagious laugh of one of the small artists of the community.
¡Vamos a reir! - Liana Divina
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"The next Buddha probably won't take the form of an individual, but rather one of a community that practices understanding and good will".

Thich Nhat Hanh

A sacred space, where each one can experience an expansion of the heart and the consciousness, within a community, whose goal is to live in symbiosis with Nature.


The objective of Amoraleza is
the creation of a sustainable lifestyle
in a community environment.


After having experimented with many different forms of community for more than 13 years, today we describe Amoraleza as a community project that allows for experimentation with communal living through the creation of temporary community. Although we welcome many visitors, volunteers, interns and friends for weeks, months, a year or more, the only long-term community members are a family with 4 children aged 1 to 9 years. The project is always open to receive other permanent members, inspired by the same vision based on nature, health, nutrition and spirituality.

Land spécification and welcoming people

The area of the land, bordering the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, south of Granada and 45 minutes from the sea is more than 4 hectares, with a spring. Eventually, this acreage should allow for the construction of another more permanent building. We are completely off-grid and our energy source is solar. We can currently accommodate 4 additional family units (or couple or single person), living here full-time as the core group of members, with other visitors, volunteers, interns and friends joining on a temporary basis, mainly from March to December. In terms of housing, it is possible to bring or build one’s own low-impact dwelling, such as a yurt or dome, or to rent one of the existing structures on a short-term basis.

We are vegetarians, non-smokers and do not use drugs or alcohol.

Our objective
Our objective is to create a center for giving and receiving all that is good, joyful and prosperous; a home, as well as a place to create and to share information, based on both spiritual and material effectiveness. By "spiritual effectiveness" we mean that the results obtained must be palpable and obvious, whether in terms of the opening of the heart or the development of consciousness. The term "material efficiency" refers to the concepts of order and precision, so that each element is in its proper place, including the financial aspect, as well as taking pride and pleasure in doing good and effective work, even if only to plant a tree, work in the garden or wash the dishes.

Our assets

On the material level, we have the land and the existing infrastructures, which you can discover either by browsing the website or directly, by visiting us. We also have a good amount of construction and gardening tools, as well as two vehicles for most of the year. Apart from that, our material means are quite limited and we must admit that we have little financial means.

In terms of energy, we have a good solar system and in terms communication, we have a good Internet connection.

In terms of intangible means, the feeling of participating in the creation of an alternative lifestyle, capable of helping and inspiring others as we have witnessed many times, gives us the energy, courage and the necessary will, to move forward. Then comes all the theoretical and practical knowledge that we have accumulated in our journey, without forgetting patience (in Spanish: "paciencia"-the science of peace), essential to be able to live in Andalusia but also elsewhere…

Another asset we have comes from what one might call faith and from this fundamental rule that humanity seems to have forgotten over time: "Everything is ONE". Being at the service of this Oneness, we have no doubts, that the Great Spirit which gives life to all Creation is conspiring in our favour, to give us the means necessary for success.

Another spirit whom we rely on, for knowledge and expansion of consciousness, is the one that comes from the very spirit of plants, called power or sacred plants, and more particularly that of "Ayahuasca" .


Another important thing we are trying to implement is the conscious practice of the four pillars of health:

  1. Healthy nutrition (diet, breathing, relationships)

  2. Physical exercise (which is not lacking, living on the land)

  3. Rest (our weak point)

  4. Meditation

We also draw inspiration from permaculture principles, as a means of a real and lasting relationship with our environment and Nature.


Financial aspect

For the time being, our financial situation unfortunately does not make it possible to meet the needs of new members. It is therefore necessary that in this current phase, those interested in joining the project are financially self-sufficient. Eventually, we hope that the activities organised by the Association can not only cover the costs of all residents, but also generate wages. Any help, ideas, solutions or proposals to help us move in this direction are obviously and warmly welcome. At the present time, the activities we organise (only for the members of the association) are: retreats, superfood sales, nutrition courses and consultations, events, festivals, web design and yurt construction.

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

Much more than virtual relationships via computers or mobile phones, we greatly value direct and real relationships between people. While we understand that these technologies are necessary for work, study and research, we invite people living on the land to make moderate and limited use of them in order to live as much as possible in the present moment.

The spiritual family of Amoraleza

As Leo expresses in the filmed interview he made, before leaving on his shamanic journey to South America, the expansion of the heart and the consciousness of which we speak comes not only from a direct experience, but also through the profound and unequivocal feeling of being an integral part of the spiritual family of Amoraleza.



Lorenzo Bateller

Born in France in 1969 and having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnology from the University of

Montpellier, his first trip to Indonesia had a profound effect on him. He wondered how people with such

a simple and low standard of living could express so much joy and happiness in comparison to the people

in his country, France, which with such a high level of material wealth and social benefits, was the world's

leading consumer of antidepressants (according to information he had received in 1999)! Something was

amiss. It was then that he felt a a strong inner calling to find other alternatives, or at least to try1...

Not really knowing where to start, but already feeling the call of Nature, he attended the 2nd Francophone Meeting of Ecovillages at Lac de Vassivières, with the presence of Pierre Rabhi, during the summer of 1997, during which he took an important decision, to live from that moment onward, close to Nature, within a community.

As for finding a convenient living structure, he decided to live in a yurt, and in 2002, after doing a course with the architect Florent Geiger, he built his first yurt, which became his home, in 2003 where he had his first community experience, as well as living without electricity, in Ecoforest, in the outskirts of the village of Coín, in the province of Malaga in Andalusia.

The year spent at Ecoforest, a permaculture center and the world’s first intentional raw vegane community, was decisive not only in terms of improving his health, since he had been suffering since birth from asthma attacks, severe allergies, as well as a chronic cold, which all "miraculously" and disappeared, only by changing his diet. It was also in this same place that he fell completely in love with Veronika, who has since become his partner and mother of their four children.

In other words, moving closer to Nature proved promising and rich in experiences and discoveries, confirming to him the importance and value, at a given moment in life, to leave one’s "comfort zone", in order to discover new grounds and horizons, abundant in teachings.

At the moment, while dedicating himself to family life and the development of Amoraleza, he continues to build yurts. Also, do not hesitate to contact him as a Web Designer, if you have would like to create or improve a website.

Veronika Poola

Veronika was born and raised with an urban lifestlye in Montreal, Canada and discovered community

living in 2003, while on holiday in Spain. She attended a life-changing permaculture course at a raw

food community, called Ecoforest, in the Malaga countryside. After two weeks at Ecoforest, living in a

tent with just the basics, bathing in the river and eating only raw food, she experienced a huge

transformation. In those two weeks, she healed herself from depression, gave up her addictions to

alcohol, tobacco and other substances and felt a spiritual opening for the first time. Feeling the

incredible benefits of the raw food diet and the proximity to Nature, she decided to become a

member of the community to continue on her journey of healing and self-discovery.

During the year and a half she spent at Ecoforest, she experimented with a lot of cleansing and fasting and began a Naturopathy Degree at the College des Médecine Douces du Québec. She also became involved in the management of Ecoforest and took responsibility for welcoming visitors and running the shop. In 2007, she completed her Naturopathy degree. She has worked as a Naturopath, specialising in nutritional consultations and detox, at different retreat centers. Veronika has also organised and lead juice detoxes as well as giving regular talks on the benefits of superfoods and healthy diet.

In 2005, she discovered Ayahuasca, through the Santo Daime tradition and she was catapulted onto her spiritual path. Having grown up an atheist, thanks to the experience with this ancient plant medicine, she felt a powerful spiritual connection which completely transformed her beliefs and vision of the world. She continues to deepen her relationship with Ayahuasca, as well as leading ceremonies for others.

Veronika and Lorenzo have 4 young children and at the moment, she dedicates most of her time to her family. She is passionate about all aspects of natural living, such as self-management of health, natural childbirth, attachment parenting, alternative education, raw food, wild foods, and following the natural rhythms of the Earth. She enjoys singing, gardening, and making delicious raw creations (especially raw chocolate!) and has experience working as a chef at different retreat centers.

Our journey


Veronika and Lorenzo met at the Ecoforest Raw Vegan Community near Malaga, in 2003. After having

lived there, in their yurt for more than a year, they felt the need for a change, and were drawn to the

Alpujarras mountains, in the province of Granada, driven by their dream of finding a piece of land to

create a retreat center with accommodation in yurts. As their search was unsuccessful, they decided to

move to Beneficio, a "Rainbow" community near Orgiva, where they lived for 2 ½ years.

These two community experiences could only be temporary, for the first community could be

summarized by: "too many rules and too many restrictions", while the other strangely enough by the

exact opposite: "not enough rules and not enough restrictions"! Despite the fact that they are no

longer part of these two communities, they feel a deep sense of gratitude and respect, both for their

originality, value and merit, as well as for the many enriching encounters and experiences they had there.
In this search for a community to settle down in, 2005 was a decisive year, for it was during this year in they discovered Ayahuaca, through the Santo Daime during a trip to England (to sell yurts). After this amazing discovery, through a series of synchronicities, they found their new home, in a community which later became Amoraleza.

As the founding members of this new community and after the two previous community experiences, their challenge was to find the right balance, as symbolised by the yin yang, between "not enough and too many rules or restrictions." . Indeed, any type of organism can not develop without the presence of a membrane (boundaries), not only that protects it and separates it from "chaos" or quantum soup, but which, also allows for the creation of an interior space conducive to the development of life and of its different manifestations. As such, and especially for a community, consciousness also constitutes its membranes, hence the importance of limits and a minimum of rules. With this definition, we want to be able to create an appropriate space for the residents and visitors to feel and develop the famous pearl that each one carries within him/herself.





During their 10 years on the land, learning how to create, organise and run a community has been an important process. Veronika and Lorenzo have shared with many people, each one bringing valuable gifts and teachings. Some community members have stayed for several months, others, several years. At the moment there are no permanent members, but there is a constant flow of people coming and going; some as visitors or volunteers, and others who come back to support the project year after year. Although Amoraleza is still not an established community, it gives the people who come here an experience of temporary community and a feeling of what it is like to live in harmony with others, including all the gifts and the challenges.











In order to create this sacred place, where each one can experience a real expansion of the heart and the consciousness, we are fortunate to be able to count on the presence of our four children who, growing up in this natural environment, take in health. We are very grateful to Nature, God, the Universe, Mother Earth and the Great Spirit, or however we wish to call the Source of creations to allow us to live in their enthusiastic presence. It is very rare that visitors are not surprised by how awake they are, the joy and the light which shine in their eyes and their face, as well as their energy.

It is said in the medicine of the soul that it is not the parents who raise the children, but rather the children who raise the parents! So we have the chance to have at hand, four adorable masters who help us evolve, so to quote Nietzsche, this evolution begins with the phase of the camel, then the phase of the lion, to finally awaken in the phase of the child. Because it is only the energy, the power and the innocence of the child that, after great moments of learning and unlearning, allows us to rediscover the world from the point of view of wonder, laughter, simplicity and joie de vivre.

Children are a source of life, to which adults can come to quench their thirst to savour and learn the magic of life and love. It is a nice feeling to write these words, while hearing their shouts of joy and laughter, while they play under the flowering almond trees. I hope you can hear them as you read these lines.

We would be delighted to welcome other families with children!

Becoming a Community Member

  Given the current infrastructure, it is possible for three other family units (couples / families) to come live on the land, as permanent members of the community. We welcome everyone who shares our vision and would like to help us create something beautiful, joyful and prosperous. We have spaces available where you could create your own low-impact structure such as a tipi, dome or yurt.


Conditions for becoming a permanent community member:

  • Living and working together for a full year

  • Financial contribution of € 3 / day for the first year (€ 1 / day for subsequent years)

  • Community work contribution of a minimum of 25 hours / week

  • Food is not included and if you wish to join the communal meals, the contribution will depend on the frequency of shared meals.

  • Depending on availability, accommodation can be provided during this one-year trial period.

Community Rules: download


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2. The Biology of Perception, Bruce Lipton

3. The Cosmic Serpent,  Jeremy Narby